3 Tips For Knowing How Your Health Insurance Works

19 April 2016
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Health insurance plans can be quite confusing because of the many different terms and explanations of how your benefits work. Because of this, many people who have health insurance plans aren't taking advantage of the services that are available to them and they are not prepared for doctor visits and what needs to be brought with them to ensure coverage. Here are three tips for knowing how your health insurance works:

Wellness Exams May Not be Free: 

When you visit your doctor for a regular check-up, you should know whether or not you are going to have to pay for anything. For example, your insurance may ask that you provide a co-pay, which is a small fee you will pay when you visit your doctor for a wellness exam. Be sure that you are prepared for that. However, many insurance companies provide free wellness care, which includes free mammograms and colonoscopies. Check to see if there is an age limit for these services, as well as a limit on how often you can receive these services. 

Know Your Deductibles: 

The deductible is how much you pay for health services out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. If your deductible is high, you must know that you have to pay this cost for any major health services you have before your insurance will cover it. This is why, when choosing a health insurance plan, you must determine whether or not you believe you will need any major health services in the future. If so, you should choose a plan that has a lower deductible. This will ensure that you are paying less out of pocket. 

Go Over the Summary of Benefits: 

Many people assume that having any health insurance plan is better than having none at all. However, if you cannot afford the costs that come with the health insurance plan, then having the insurance may not be beneficial for you at all. It's important that you go over the summary of benefits that are going to explain your exact costs. For example, it will tell you what you pay when you visit a doctor or go to the emergency room. It will also tell you what you pay if you have specific health needs, such as maternity care if you are pregnant. When you read this, you can determine whether or not this specific plan is one that you can afford.

When you know these three tips for knowing how your health insurance works, you can be sure that you have a health insurance plan that you are comfortable with and prepared to use whenever you visit a doctor. For more information about health insurance, visit a provider like W B Adams Co.